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Financial Independence. For Everyone.

World Financial Group offers a leading financial services platform and experience to help pursue your financial goals. No matter your life story, our tailored approach to planning for retirement will meet you where you are and address your specific goals. And for entrepreneurial-minded individuals looking to grow wealth on their terms, our turnkey system and experienced leadership can help you build your own business through supporting the needs of others. We help make the dream of financial independence possible for all those in our communities across North America.
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A Platform as Diverse as Those We Serve

No matter your life story, WFG has the technology and experience to make your financial dreams a reality. Watch the video below to learn more about our business platform and what makes us unique in an industry that is not known for its diversity.

Services Offered by Zhiting

Asset and Income Protection

The most important part of preparing for the future is protecting it. As a WFGIA agent, I can help you prepare for uncertainty. Whether you outlive your retirement, pass away unexpectedly or become disabled, there are products that can help protect the life you’ve built for you and your loved ones.

Retirement Income Strategies

The key to a successful retirement is one that doesn’t require you to compromise your lifestyle or wonder if and when your nest egg will run out. As a WFGIA agent, I can provide a variety of options to help you prepare for your leisure years confidently without having to sacrifice your quality of life.

Business Strategies

Small business owners need financial and insurance options for themselves and their employees, and they need to ensure the future security of their businesses. I can help structure strategies for employees and owners to help ensure if- or when- something happens, those who own and run the business are protected.

Long Term Care Planning

More than 70% of people older than 65 will use long-term care in their life. 20% or more will need to use Long term care for more than 5 years. You can use dollar to dollar to pay for the cost or find out if you qualify for paying half of the price. Call now at 781-420-5457 to find out. 超过70% 的65岁以上的老人都会用到长期护理,有20%以上的人群会用到5年以上的长期护理,新英格兰地区的长期护理平均为10万一年。长期护理包含了什么?医疗保险会包括这笔费用吗?我退休时大概会用多少长期护理。致电查询 781 420 5457
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Building Entrepreneurs

Our innovative business model enables entrepreneurs to succeed together through a turnkey system and a commission structure that encourages mentorship and teamwork. Join WFG today and be part of the thousands of independent professionals across the United States helping individuals and families protect what matters most to them.

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